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The New York Times, NPR, WaPo, and others are often cited as "the liberal media," which they amusingly and disingenuously deny. But I have to give credit to Ira Glass at his "This American Life" podcast for taking this issue head on. He didn't think they were, but he was brave enough to have one listener cite not their reporting bias, but their agenda bias. Ira seemed genuinely surprised by this.

In other words, as I often say, the aforementioned news outlets OBJECTIVELY report on stories that primarily concern their LIBERAL audiences.

NPR and the NYT are not going to report on the successes of conservative policies, but they will bring to our attention those people left behind by them. I distinctly remember that in the mid-1980s in the midst of one of the greatest economic booms in our country's history, these outlets focused on people who were not booming. I never heard or read stories about long-suffering business owners finally doing better, for instance.

So, is the NYT "reformed"? Not a chance.

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